Monitoring & Analysis

Identifying, tracking, and processing sentiment, trends, attitudes, and reactions among target audiences is key for making well-informed and effective security decisions in today’s fast-paced information environment.

We possess the expertise to design customized social media monitoring and analysis programs that are tailored to achieve each client’s unique goals and objectives.

From assessing audience sentiment about specific issues/events to identifying and tracking potential national security threats, our solutions harness the power of social media platforms to provide our clients crucial insights and actionable information.


From election campaigns to populist movements, social media has played an increasingly pivotal role in shaping and influencing global events over the past decade.

We develop high impact engagement programs to address and mitigate the unique challenges faced by each client.

Our engagement programs range from short-term, rapid reaction operations

  • designed to mitigate crisis situations
  • to long-term media campaigns, designed to engage target audiences or counter adversaries in various information environments.